Richard VanDeWalle

works in the Lumberyard Industry

About Me

Richard VanDeWalle started working in the Lumberyard Industry at the age of 16 and just celebrated 30 years.

Richard VanDeWalle enjoys Collecting Antique Oliver equipment. Richard VanDeWalle also donates time to the Local Veterans Outreach and assist and work with other community organizations. Richard VanDeWalle graduated from High School and attended trade school at a local community college in business and accounting. Richard VanDeWalle also trained in the Lumber Industry and Inventory Management. Fishing is a hobby of his.

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Recent News

July 7, 2021

Richard VanDeWalle Jr: Sourcing Lumber During Extreme Shortages

If there’s one thing that’s been discovered during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s the fragility of supply chains and production processes. A combination of COVID-related shutdowns at lumber mills, wildfires, pests that kill softwood trees and similar factors have caused lumber production to stall. At the same time, a bustling housing market has caused new construction […]

Richard VanDeWalle Jr Assists Local Veterans by Buildiat Local Outreach
June 29, 2021

Richard VanDeWalle Jr Assists Local Veterans by Building Shelves at Local Outreach

Richard VanDeWalle Jr loves his community and does what he can to make it a better place for everyone. Over the years, he has donated much of his time and his resources to helping many of his area’s most troubled people. For example, he has done much to help veterans in the area. This segment […]

Richard VanDeWalle Jr Talks About Recovering After a Disaster
June 27, 2021

Richard VanDeWalle Jr Talks About Recovering After a Disaster

Richard VanDeWalle provides some key insights for recovering after a disaster. The COVID-19 pandemic will go down as one of the worst disasters in modern history. The pandemic upended global society, shut down borders, and ultimately killed millions of people. Yet the pandemic will be far from the last disaster to strike humanity. Crises are […]

April 18, 2021

How to Help Veterans with Serial Volunteer Richard VanDeWalle Jr

Subtitle: Enthusiastic volunteer Richard VanDeWalle Jr discusses the opportunities and rewards of helping American veterans. Richard VanDeWalle Jr of Blue Grass, Iowa, has dedicated many hours to raising money for good causes, including volunteering to help American veterans. He urges others to donate their time and money to worthy causes that enrich the lives of […]

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