Richard VanDeWalle Jr Talks About Recovering After a Disaster

Richard VanDeWalle

June 27, 2021

Richard VanDeWalle Jr Talks About Recovering After a Disaster

Richard VanDeWalle provides some key insights for recovering after a disaster.

The COVID-19 pandemic will go down as one of the worst disasters in modern history. The pandemic upended global society, shut down borders, and ultimately killed millions of people. Yet the pandemic will be far from the last disaster to strike humanity. Crises are inevitable but by taking the proper steps, we may be able to lessen their impact. That’s why Richard VanDeWalle Jr is going to offer tips for recovering after a disaster.

“Disasters are a fact of life,” Richard VanDeWalle Jr notes. “We need to plan for confronting them as they occur, and we should also plan for recovery. By reacting quickly both during and after a crisis, we can mitigate some of the worst effects.”

So far, 2021 has seen not just a pandemic, but also earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, powerful storms, civil unrest, and simmering conflicts. Many countries are also fending off recessions and slowed economic growth. Unfortunately, these events take a tremendous toll, and those who survive will face many challenges.

“When you hear about disasters in the news, it often feels like an abstract number. One person’s misfortune is a tragedy, but when it comes to thousands, it’s a statistic,” Richard VanDeWalle Jr says. “I’ve had the honor of providing disaster relief, and when you see how disasters affect people on a personal level, it changes your mindset.”

In Mr. VanDeWalle’s case, he and his brother as children  donated to children and families following an earthquake. Their efforts led to them being honored by then-President Bill Clinton. Yet the real honor comes from helping those in need.  Richard learned the importance of giving back when growing up as a child as his family was active in reaching out to those in need.

“Being honored by Bill Clinton was definitely cool,” Richard VanDeWalle Jr notes, “but the memories that most stick out to me now was seeing how we could make such a tremendous impact through donations and volunteering. After the earthquake, some kids and their families had literally nothing.”

Natural disasters can destroy homes, personal property, and of course, lives. Families may suddenly find themselves on the street with nowhere to go. Personal property, including toys for kids, can provide relief. Yet if everything was destroyed, relief can be hard to come by.

Richard VanDeWalle Jr Discusses Getting Back to Normal

As vaccines are rolled out across the United States and new cases of COVID-19 continue to shrink, some hope that life will get back to normal soon. Yet before we can get back to normal, we will need to rebuild.

“Recovering from a disaster is easier said than done,” Richard VanDeWalle JR points out. “Right now, a lot of businesses are struggling to find employees, many supplies, including lumber, are hard to come by. People have spent so long in isolation, that getting back to regular life may prove difficult. If we want to get back to normal, we need to band together and look out for one another.”

Difficult indeed. Many experts warn that the pandemic may result in lingering mental health issues, substance abuse, and more. Meanwhile, economists warn that if leaders aren’t careful, the economy could be beset by turmoil.