Richard VanDeWalle Jr Assists Local Veterans by Building Shelves at Local Outreach

Richard VanDeWalle

June 29, 2021

Richard VanDeWalle Jr Assists Local Veterans by Buildiat Local Outreach

Richard VanDeWalle Jr loves his community and does what he can to make it a better place for everyone. Over the years, he has donated much of his time and his resources to helping many of his area’s most troubled people. For example, he has done much to help veterans in the area. This segment of the population is often neglected in many parts of the country, but those in VanDeWalle’s area benefit from his guiding example. For instance, he recently built shelves in a veteran care facility to enhance lives.

Why Every Little Step Matters So Much for the Veteran Community

Richard VanDeWalle Jr has worked in the lumberyard industry for 30 years of his life and has been a proponent of helping people in need in his community. Starting his career at 16, he has transformed his life via community college and received various programs that helped him become the man he is today. And he recently devoted much of his time, money, and energy to helping local veterans get back on their feet as people.

Over the years, Richard VanDeWalle Jr has done much to help these struggling residents because they are so important for the health and well-being of a nation. Without people willing to put their lives on the line, the nation would be attacked by dangerous enemies. Unfortunately, many veterans who come back from war or combat missions change people and struggle to adapt to life without strict order and regiment.

Therefore, Richard VanDeWalle Jr decided to help build shelves in a local veteran assistance center, donating both lumber and his skills to make these shelves a reality. The process requires inspecting the center for the proper location for shelves, finding the best lumber to suit this situation, and doing a handful of installation steps that helped to make them strong and secure for years to come.

When finished, these shelves will be filled with a variety of items, including various equipment, memorabilia, and much more. The old shelves were in rough shape and crumbling, creating a center that struggled to provide for the needs of its many veterans. Thankfully, VanDeWalle was able to create these shelves and install them, creating strong and secure areas for these important residents.

Just as importantly, Richard VanDeWalle Jr believes in volunteering for other needy members of society, giving to those who struggle to keep their heads above water. Though he is a self-made man and has done well in life, he knows that not everybody has the same changes. By taking this type of time to help others, he believes that the world will be transformed into a better place, one community at a time.