Richard VanDeWalle Helps Veterans By Providing Assistance to Veterans

Richard VanDeWalle

September 3, 2021

Richard VanDeWalle Helps Veterans By Providing Assistance to Veterans

Richard VanDeWalle donates much of his time and energy into helping others in his community. For instance, military veterans are often the most commonly ignored segment of the population, an issue that he believes leads to emotional and financial struggles in this community. As a result, he donates time and materials to the local outreach  to help inspire those who need it the most.

Why Richard VanDeWalle Helps the Veterans in This Way

There are few people who Richard VanDeWalle respects more than military veterans. His grandfather was a WWII Veterans who was shot and wounded at the age of 17 receiving the Purple Heart.  While he and others stayed at home to build their fortunes and help the American economy grow, military personnel from around the nation fought, suffered, and died to protect our freedoms. That’s one reason why he works so closely with his local Veterans outreach doing what he can to help those in this community thrive and become better people along the way.

For instance, he has donated lumber and construction help from the lumberyard he works for  to help build shelves in local outreach shelters and centers around his area. Small steps like these help provide a stable environment for veterans, many of whom may have PTSD or other emotional struggles. And he also believes in helping them to strive for a post-military career that makes sense for their needs.

That’s why Richard VanDeWalle donates toward scholarships to the local area every year to help veterans who want to improve their life. Scholarship money is critical because many veterans come back from the military with job skills that do not translate easily to the civilian world. Some find themselves working menial jobs that may be dull after their time protecting the country overseas.

By getting scholarships these veterans can train in careers that interest them. For instance, they can attend a local community college (like VanDeWalle did many years ago) and learn things like auto mechanics, electrical work, and much more. These careers often take no more than two years to understand, making it easier for veterans to get back on their feet more quickly.

And Richard VanDeWalle also believes that this type of educational experience can improve people’s personalities or make them stronger and happier individuals. For example, veterans often learn how to interact with civilians more easily in college, learn various life skills that can help them adapt to their new careers, and become better and more well-rounded individuals in the process.

And this kind of help is something that VanDeWalle hopes more business owners like him will attempt in the future. The idea behind philanthropy is to inspire those who are struggling to achieve higher life goals. Money is not enough, sometimes. The purpose behind the donations must be pure and good. And few things are as beneficial or essential to a person’s life as high-quality education and job training.