Richard VanDeWalle Helps Provide Blankets for His Local Abuse Shelter

Richard VanDeWalle

August 11, 2021

Richard VanDeWalle Helps Provide Blankets for His Local Abuse Shelter

Richard VanDeWalle who works in the lumberyard industry believes in philanthropy and giving back to his community. Over the years, he has quietly helped many people in need and helped make the world a better place. One of his biggest donations includes giving blankets to local abuse shelters. This step is something he takes to help those people who need the most assistance in their lives.

Why Richard VanDeWalle Donates Blankets to Abuse Shelters

. Starting his career at a lumberyard at the age of just 16, he worked his way up through the ranks. But the path wasn’t always easy, and he struggled until he could get to the top of his field. And after 20 years of experience in the lumber business, he is always willing to help others.

After all, he knows that these life challenges can take over many people’s attempts to be happy. And not everybody gets the same kinds of chances that he received. Hard work is often enough to advance but is not the only thing that can change a person’s life. He understands that bad luck and life challenges can make difficult times for people and he is willing to reach out that hand to assist.

That’s why Richard VanDeWalle built a relationship with a local organization to help.  One local shelter helps people who have been battered or abused by loved ones in their life, giving them a place to stay that is safe and protected from abuse. However, like many shelters of this type, funding is never easy, and they often lack many essential items that may affect their comfort level and how well an individual can adapt to life.

Unfortunately, a lack of comfort may drive some people away from these shelters and back into an abusive situation. For instance, a lack of warm and comfortable new blankets at VanDeWalle’s area’s local abuse shelter concerned him. If abuse victims cannot sleep comfortably at night, he feared that they would not recover fully from these struggles and could run back to abusive situations.

As a result, he created comfortable blankets that were very warm when appropriately worn and donated them to this shelter, free of charge. Richard VanDeWalle did all this because he knows how much abuse can change a person’s life and how it can tear down their self-esteem and self-worth.

This instance is just one example of the kind of philanthropy that can help to transform the world. Richard VanDeWalle believes that small steps like these are well within the ability of most people to execute. You don’t need to give millions of dollars, he says, to make a difference. Sometimes, even the smallest gestures are enough to make life better for one person.