How Richard VanDeWalle Jr Is Making the Lumber Industry More Structured and Harder Than Ever

Richard VanDeWalle

March 29, 2021

How Is Making the Lumber Industry More Structured and Harder Than Ever

As lumber demand across the country continues to soar, certain hindrances on production levels continue to rise as well. As lumberyards run short on necessary materials and supplies to produce lumber, the industry is also enduring a shortage of home renovation specialists.

In Blue Grass, the demand for lumber started to climb in 2020. In fact, Richard Vanderwalle Jr, one of Dick-N-Sons Lumber’s Inventory Specialists and Operation Manager., says the price for lumber has been steadily increasing all throughout the pandemic. It’s not at all uncommon for it to be “Nonstop. Every day. We got people building decks every day, redoing their basements, kitchens, remodeling,” Vanderwalle claims. This means for those in need of remodeling and repair contractors, the surge in demand for lumber specialists has resulted in higher service fees as well as longer completion times in projects involving lumber.

Fortunately, a lumberyard based out of Iowa, Dick-n-Sons Lumber, pressed on through the pandemic to provide ongoing lumber services to locals and non-local customers. Most importantly, this lumberyard which is one of the oldest in the state has always had a rich history in proving itself as a valuable asset to the community. The value to the community is particularly noticed among disadvantaged and homeless veterans at the Quad Cities Veterans Outreach Center. The facility provides everything from health care checkups to a food pantry, veterinary services, haircuts, and various other programs to local veterans. One of the owners of Dick-n-Sons started the center in memory of her own father, a WWII veteran at the age of only 17. Injured in Combat her father was awarded the purple heart.  Richard VanDeWalle Jr. says they work together to make the center a success in his Grandfather’s memory.

As one can imagine, the services rendered at the veteran’s outreach center have helped the community in various ways, especially among those in need of repair and remodeling jobs involving lumber. As more people throughout the community come into contact with the outreach center, more locals and non-locals alike learn about the multi-faceted services available through Dick-N-Sons. This has caused the lumberyard to earn extreme exposure throughout the past few years, and more importantly, it has allowed Richard VanDeWalle Jr. to make the lumber industry more structured and competitive in the community.

Lumberyards across the nation should take note of the success, mission, and values held by Richard VanDeWalle Jr.  As lumberyards search for ways to keep up with lumber demands, it can greatly help to learn from those businesses that are already finding success and growth like Dick-N-Sons.